“After seeing you my boys are doing so much better with less acting out. Thank you for your suggestions to help my son with hyperactivity and to improve his reading. I am pleased with how you’ve helped us.”
                                                ~ A.B., parent, school teacher, Chicago

“Thanks for the nice therapy today. I am feeling better. Thanks so much for all you have helped me with. You’ve always been more than understanding with me. I have faith. I appreciate everything you do for me.”
~ E.F., graduate student, business person, Chicago

“I am really happy with how you helped my teenage son with his anger and panic attacks. He is doing much better in school and at home. Thank you for your consideration and patience.”
                                                 ~ G.H., housewife, mother, Chicago

“I am doing pretty well the past couple of weeks. Thank you again. Have a great day.”
                                                                        ~ I.J,. parent, Chicago

“You really helped me with that psychological test. I can’t believe how accurate it is in describing my challenges. After years with the wrong diagnosis, I feel so good to know what really ails me.”
                                                        ~ K.L., mother, waitress, Chicago

*For privacy, testimonial names have been changed..