Are you or someone you know concerned with:

Work performance – Financial stress – Intimacy – Co-workers or supervisor – Battling weight – Depression -Anger Management – Isolation – compulsion – Emotional stress

“You really helped me reduce my stress. I am doing so much better in a few short months. I am fired up for my new life.”
   ~ M.N., teacher, ex-U.S. Marine officer, Chicago“Your report to the judge was great. It’s just what the court needed to resolve everything. Thank you.”
~ O.P. criminal defense attorney, Chicago
“You really helped me focus in on the important challenges and what to do with our aging relative. Thanks so much for assisting the whole family when we need the assistance.
            ~ Q.R., medical technician, parent, caretaker, Chicago

What seems to be the trouble? Tell me about it.

You can say for example: stress, job, job loss, financial stress, weight issues, intimacy, family, work performance, loss, anger, aggression, smoking, drinking, gambling or anything else that is troubling you or someone you know.

Just remember, if you are a famous person and have stepped outside of some boundary, please remember that the internet is not the safest way to communicate that.