We offer independent psychological evaluations to determine:
– depression, anxiety and adjustment
– panic attacks, obsessions and compulsions
– memory loss and brain injury
– substance abuse and addiction
– stress and pain
– learning disability, hyperactivity and attention disorder
– post traumatic stress
– adoption and child custody
– fitness for duty, competence
– compensation for personal injury
– seminary and clergy screening

* Every child is special and parents want to make sure youth benefits the most from any educational program.
Dr Zagar helps by testing youth to determine the appropriate learning curriculum for their talents!

* Teens and young adults wonder what is the best career choice.
Vocational testing is precise and helpful.

* Even adults sometimes require disability accomodations or mid career change.
Testing can provide answers.

* Lawyers and employers are challenged with injury and other issues in the work place.
Objective assessment and fitness for duty assist in these situations.

* In life, accidents happen. With time, senior moments happen. Sometimes we lose memory.
Neuropsychological assessment is useful in designing rehabilitation programs and life planning.