It is so rewarding to see couples refurbish their marriage or their relationship. It could be as simply learning how to replace arguing with communication. I help couples with simple tools to
help settle financial issues and reconcile male and female perspectives. Men and women have different brains and different ways of communicating. Men love with their eyes and women with their ears. Yes, it is possible to improve your relationship and reconcile your differences.
Sometimes emotional issues of one or both partners can get in the way. This is where good diagnosis with an objective psychological test can help.
Ask Dr Zagar.

“Dynamite session today and just what we needed. We sure get the most of our allotted time. We are happy campers.
Appreciatively and with best wishes.”
                                                                                                                                                               ~ C.D., father, professional, Chicago

Here at Ask Dr Zagar we offer solutions for couples to help with:

* individual mental baggage
* dynamic couple interaction
* reverse role play
* communication
* love and responsibility
* children